Episode Summary

In today’s episode, we are talking with Jon Harris on career, business, money, and life.

Learn about Jon’s career and the key transitions that he has made, such as moving from an employee to a business owner to a startup investor.

Key Points

  • Learn about Jon’s backgroud and one of the key decisions that he made to set the stage for future sucess
  • See how Jon quickly evaluates what a person says is important to them by analyzing two simple items
  • How Jon thinks about the work-life balance topic and how you can make it work
  • What principles are important for your career or your business
  • Jon’s success habits
  • How Jon had the confidence to move into an early retirement
  • The importance of giving back


Learn about Jon’s latest start-up, Idle.

The financial planning blueprint to help you get started on your financial plan to meet your goals.