Episode Summary

Today on Agile Finance Radio, we’re going to talk about getting your life back in these unprecedented Coronavirus times. Listen in as I discuss a simple tool I use to check the status of the essential areas of my life.

Key Points

  • Discover a simple tool that allows you to quickly evaluate where you are in each of the important areas of your life
  • Learn the nine critical areas that you need to measure.
  • Understand how four of these categories influence the outcome of the other areas of your life.
  • See the simple steps to take to make progress in these areas.


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Today on Agile Finance Radio, we’re going to talk about getting your life back in these unprecedented Coronavirus times. Listen in as I discuss a simple tool I use to check the status of the essential areas of my life.

I thought this was about finances?

You may be wondering why am I talking about this? Well, think about my podcast mission. It’s to help people like you win with money and gain at life. I believe there is a direct correlation between living a happy and fulfilled life and how you feel about your finances. If your finances are out of wack, then I guarantee that some other part of your life is not where you want it to be.

So, I want to walk you through a process that you can use to assess your situation, leading you to awareness and alert you to where you need to take action.

The Fulfilled Life Wheel

Earlier this year, I did a presentation to a women’s group to talk about the emotion of money. One of the things that we discussed is this concept of what I call your wheel of life. It’s a simple tool that allows you to quickly evaluate where you are in each of the important areas of your life.

Picture in your mind a small circle in the middle of a page of paper. Now envision ten concentric circles around that first circle then separate the circle into nine sections. This should now resemble a pie. On the outer circle are the labels for the essential areas of your life. By the way, you can get a copy of the wheel to print out and do this exercise in the show notes at agilefinanceradio.com/23

The critical areas to measure are health, emotional, spiritual, mental, career, marital, parental, social, and fun! Now fill in the pie shapes rating each category on a scale of one to ten. Don’t overthink it. Just use your first gut instinct or feeling and fill in the section.

Maybe your health is pretty good right now, so you fill it in up to the eight, and your career is sort of in a lull, so maybe that’s a 5. You get the picture, now complete the rest.

If you have a skyscraper in one area and little nub like a one or two in the other, then that wheel is out of alignment, and it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Where to Start to get back on track

To get the wheel back in alignment, the first thing is to do the exercise, so you have an awareness of where you are. These little things that you do that others aren’t willing to make a big difference in your life.

The second is to look at the internal categories. This is about you. If your health, emotional, spiritual, and mental slices of the pie look like they are almost eaten, you need to start there. You can’t excel in all areas of your life unless you are working toward being the best version of you.

I’m not talking about perfection, I’m talking about doing the things that can move the needle in each area. You have to connect to these core areas of your life.

For example, you could read or talk with others about important topics or study things that interest you for your mental growth. I’m not talking about gossiping about your neighbor down the street or something that you can’t control. That’s not healthy. For your spiritual growth, you could find others with the same roots as you (Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, whatever). Whatever that connecting and grounding that gives you ENERGY. For me, that’s going to be attending church and reading the bible.

For your health, you might simply take a walk each day or do some other activity to keep you moving. And for your emotional health, make relationship-building meaningful. I know that’s challenging right now, but we were made to be connected. Also, take quiet time for yourself. Where’s your thinking SPOT?

You have to start where you are and not compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.

This is hard, and if anyone tells you it isn’t, they’ve given up on the hopes and dreams and settled for mediocrity. Any worthwhile goal is going to be hard, but that’s the point. The journey is what makes you into the person you want to be, not the destination!

You can’t meet your spouses’ needs unless you are working toward your best You can’t meet your children’s needs unless you are working toward your best You can’t meet your employers’ needs unless you are working toward your best You can’t achieve your goals unless you are working toward the best version of you.

Your self-care and wellness is that important.

All the money in the world doesn’t matter if you can’t feel good about you and the life you are living. I know miserable millionaires, and I know one’s that are full of joy. The same with people that do not have material wealth as well

This is why you have to make yourself a priority.

There isn’t a magic system. There’s the system that works for you. Don’t think that reading Hal Elrod’s book miracle morning will solve all of your problems. Will it help? Possibly. My wife would beat herself up if she had to stick to a morning routine. It’s not her; it’s not how she’s made. Give yourself grace.

Events don’t create stress in your life. It’s the conversations you are having in your mind.

Change the conversations in your mind if you want a different result.

Example of this pandemic. How did you feel? How did you respond? Were you responding in fear or paralyzed and couldn’t make decisions? Think about where you were getting your information? If you watched the news, you probably weren’t feeling so good and maybe discouraged or even depressed.

If you haven’t noticed, the news media is mostly focused on the negative. Why? Because fear sells. Human behavior is more risk-averse and wants to avoid loss more than it seeks out a gain. This is one of the reasons that typical individual investors significantly underperform market averages.

Limit your time watching the news from TV and get your facts from resources you trust without all the biased opinions that are masqueraded as facts. You’ll feel better.

Second Level

Let’s turn to the other areas on the wheel. These are what I call the second-level categories. Do you want a better career, marriage, to be a better parent, have lively social engagements, and fun? All of these are influenced by your category one areas of your life. It goes back to you being the best version of you. If you show up that way, you are bound to make progress in the other areas of life if you give them some attention.

Can you be successful in one or two of these areas and have low scores in others? Sure, you can. The point is to make sure you aren’t out of alignment for long periods. And that’s what this tool is for. To help you be aware of your perspective of how things are going and then you can make corrections as needed.

Maybe your health and fun are eight, but your marital and parental is a 3 or 4. What does that tell you? Maybe you dial back your time on the golf course, gym, or going out and spend some purposeful time on the others.

We all tend to move toward a few categories in our life because those areas are more comfortable. I have to put time on my calendar to focus on specific areas in my life, or they will be neglected. Not because I don’t care, but that’s just the way I am.

You play how you practice. Show up with the best you.

This is no Pollyanna vision of life. You aren’t always going to be on, and you are going to have setbacks.

So how does all this tie into my money?

Money is a tool, but when we apply it to the areas of our life, it becomes powerful because It can flow through all aspects of our lives.

Money can enhance these areas of your life, support the life you want to live, or it can destroy areas of your

This is why it has to start with you. You need to be the best version of you so you can understand the influence and impact it can have.

Everyone is different, and this can be ever-changing based on your circumstances. All these emotions, needs, wants, desires, like greed, fear, and security flow through our lives, and if you don’t have a healthy approach and relationship with money, how will you know what is ENOUGH? If you haven’t defined what is enough, YOU’LL GO TO THE EXTREME.

And what have I said about extremes? The devil is in the extremes, and that’s when your wheel is going to get out of balance. It’s okay to be on the edge in a few categories for some time. Sometimes you need that focus to accomplish extraordinary things. However, it can’t always be riding on the edge.

Game Plan

Now that you have an awareness of where you are, the next things are defining what you want from each area of your life and how you would like to feel about it. Then identify some clear specific actions that you can take to get you to that point.

For example, I realized that my health was down a few points from how I wanted that to feel. I want to be healthy so that I have the energy and strength to live an active life. I realized I wasn’t exercising consistently and eating like I usually do.

So my actionable steps that I need to achieve are to exercise consistently, 4-5 times a week, communicate with the wife so we can focus on healthier meal planning, and don’t bring home crappy food which for me is processed or full of extra sugar.

Do this for each area that you want to make improvements and revisit this quarterly or at least twice a year. I would recommend implementing a monthly habit tracker so you can monitor your progress. I keep track of this in my notebook, which has a section for habits that I can check off each day.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this tool will help you identify the areas where you would like to see more progress in your life and, more importantly, take action to create the life you want to live during the age of COVID or anything else that life throws at you.

If your finance aren’t where you would like them, then head on over to agilefinanceradio.com and select the work with me option. We’ll have a 15-20 minute strategy call and then see if it makes sense for us to work together.

That does it for this episode of Agile Finance Radio. Tune in next time as we discover more ways to win with money, gain at life, and ultimately retire with confidence.